The 4-Pillars To Manifesting Clients!


I went from zero clients to 7 clients in the 3 months we worked together. I had the best week financially of my life! When I came to Kadidja my goal was to start manifesting clients and to feel more confident in myself. Kadidja is so wise and encouraging. She believed in me and helped me believe in myself. I felt comfortable sharing with her and never felt judged. I also liked her sense of calm and groundedness. I have a new outlook on life, money and my ability to manifest! I made the money I invested back and then some.

Tree Cretella, Dating Coach

I’ve experienced my best months in business to date since working with Kadidja. I got rid of my lowest package and my monthly income has more than doubled and continues to grow! My health coaching practice is now full and I started a waiting list for my busiest days. I now have an assistant and have altered my availability to clients to better suit my time, energy and balance. I wanted a coach that addressed both the business and the personal side of my growth. Kadidja provided the structure, accountability and guidance I needed for this next phase of my personal and professional growth.I would recommend Kadidja for any coach looking for a compassionate and strong coach who will both support you and push you to grow and expand.”

Michelle Dwyer, Health Coach & Nutrition Consultant

“I didn’t think it was possible but I signed up my first client in 30 days! My business was non-existent before working with Kadidja. I felt invisible and unsure how to proceed. I was confused about what really mattered and what steps were necessary. As a result of our coaching, I have increased clarity, confidence, and belief in myself as a business owner. Thank you Kadidja for always supporting me and seeing for me what I sometimes couldn’t see for myself!” 

Kellie Dale, Empowerment Coach

About Kadidja

Kadidja Yansane is the Founder of & the Creator of the signature program: “The Client Creation Queen: 8 Weeks to Get Clients, Get Paid & Live Your Sacred Calling.”

She has coached & consulted with dozens of Fortune 500 companies like Visa, Charles Schwab, Clorox, & Robert Half & more. She’s been trained by & worked directly with top 7 figure leaders in the coaching industry like Mama Gena & Nicole Daedone.

Over the past decade she’s coached & trained hundreds of her clients do things like: Get their first $10K month, get their first & next paying clients, create and develop their profitable niche, lead their first workshops, start and grow their own communities online & offline, charge more for their services, package their offerings for high profits, position themselves as experts in their respective field. Additionally, she facilitated and led hundreds of Workshops, Events, Programs & Classes both Online & Offline in the Areas of Personal Growth & Business Development.

Kadidja was a Women’s Studies major at UC Berkeley and received her coaching certification at JFK. Her life and passion has been devoted to empowering women to own their value, charge what they’re worth and do what they love.

Last but certainly not least she is the proud Mamapreneur of two {Naima-6 and Khalil 4) with her partner Mike. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area.