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30 Top Business & Manifestation Experts Give You Their Best Tools, Strategies, Tips and Practices on How To:

  • Attract More Ideal Clients Into Your Business
  • Master Your Mindset For Manifesting Success
  • Breakthrough Your Financial Glass Ceiling

Our Experts Have Been Featured In:

Meet Your Business Manifestation Experts

Julie  Foucht

 "How to get paid by being dangerously different:The Art of Feminine Marketing"

Brad Yates

"Tapping into Your Business Success Mindset"

Jeanine Staples

"You Are Worthy: How to stop the negative self-talk so you can build the life and legacy you want"

Barbara Huson

"The Secrets to Manifesting Sacred Success"

Kendall SummerHawk

 "How To Own Your Worth In Our New Economy"

Kara Stevens

 "Principles of Intuitive Pricing "

Jill Lublin

"How to Stay Visible in Troubled Times Using Publicity"

Karen McCall

"Two Steps To Help You Overcome Money Problems"

Brigette Iarrusso

"Social Impact in The Coaching Industry"

Brianna Rose

"Activating Your Abundance"

Kysha Mitchell

"Clarity, Courage & Confidence in Business"

Karin  Rozell

"Small Practice, Big Results with the Happy Little Practice Method"

Michelle Franco

 "How to Deliver a Captivating Online Presentation to Attract Clients"

Jerica Glasper

"How To Manifest More Income, Dream Clients and Aligned Opportunities Into Your Business in 2020"

Jocelyn Mercado

"The Magic of Befriending Your Fears ~ An Exciting Path to Confidence and Abundance"

Ber-Henda Williams

"How to Get Visible as a Visionary+Empath"

Terra Christoff

"3 Keys to Growing Your Aligned & Prosperous Feminine Business"

Elena Lipson

"Learning To Trust Yourself in Life, Business, & The Bedroom"

June Kaewsith

"Being Rooted in Your Business During Times of Change"

Jennifer Covington

"How to Grow A Thriving Profitable Business With Soul"

Sarah Michael

 "Sell Like a Girl - High Ticket Selling from Your Feminine Side"

Erika Matos

"The Gift of Chaos and Uncertainty"

Lindsay Maloney

"How to Attract Your Dream Clients All Year Round"

Jessica Hadari

"Opulent Woman Self Care"

Mikaela  Ian Pearman

"3 Secrets to Creating Videos that Convert"

Jen Mazer

“Manifesting Made Easy”

Erin Newman

"Overcome Your Subconscious Money Blocks"

Jennifer Hammock

"Mastering Self-Doubt & Imposture Syndrome"

KellyAnne Zielinski

“How to Package Your Content Into Multiple Streams of Income”

Kadidja Yansane

“The 3 Queen Secrets to Client Creation”

 Yes!  Give me the Manifest Client Now Training Series! 

Your Hostess

Kadidja Yansane is the Founder of BloomIntoYou.com & the Creator of the signature program: “The Client Creation Queen: 8 Weeks to Get Clients, Get Paid & Live Your Sacred Calling.”

She has coached & consulted with dozens of Fortune 500 companies like Visa, Charles Schwab, Clorox, & Robert Half & more. She’s been trained by & worked directly with top 7 figure leaders in the coaching industry like Mama Gena & Nicole Daedone.

Over the past decade she’s coached & trained hundreds of her clients do things like: Get their first $10K month, get their first & next paying clients, create and develop their profitable niche, lead their first workshops, start and grow their own communities online & offline, charge more for their services, package their offerings for high profits, position themselves as experts in their respective field. Additionally, she facilitated and led hundreds of Workshops, Events, Programs & Classes both Online & Offline in the Areas of Personal Growth & Business Development.

Kadidja was a Women’s Studies major at UC Berkeley and received her coaching certification at JFK. Her life and passion has been devoted to empowering women to own their value, charge what they’re worth and do what they love.

Last but certainly not least she is the proud Mamapreneur of two {Naima-6 and Khalil 4) with her partner Mike. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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