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Top Business & Manifestation Experts Give You Their Best Tools, Strategies, Tips and Practices on How To:

  • Fill Your One-On-One Coaching Practice
  • Breakthrough Your Financial Glass Ceiling
  • Master Your Mindset For Manifesting Success
  • Automate the Right Systems for Your Business
  • Stand Out in a Saturated Market with Branding
  • Leverage Your Time & Income with Group Programs
  • Get Leads Using Quizzes, Giveaways, or Writing a Book

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Leonie Dawson

"Marketing Without Social Media - How You Earn More While Working Less"

Eva Medilek

 "Success Without Sacrifice: Habits to Advance Your Career Without Sacrificing Your Personal Life "

Kendall SummerHawk

 "How To Charge What You're Worth And Get It!"

Tai Goodwin

"Quizzes Work: How I Added 9,000 Leads in Just 4 months With One Simple Quiz and One Facebook Ad."

Karen McCall

"How to Have a Business that Feeds Your Soul and Your Wallet"

Joanne Muturi

"Creating a Purposeful Life by Design"

Christie Miller

"Make Your Business Real with the Winning Game Plan"

Carolyn Shadrach

"How to Create a Profitable Online Giveaway, Even If You Have No List"

Jenny Ngo

"Fill Your 1:1 Program FAST Without Ads To Grow Your Coaching Business"

Jessie May Kezele

"Stand Out Online: How Personal Branding Can Help Your Dream Clients Find You"

Tyra Pickett

“The Importance of Having Business Systems & Automation”

Sean D Stewart

"Launch Your High Profit Group Program in 30 Days Without an Email List or Ads"

Melanie Moore

“Creating a Big Vision for Your Business and Your Clients”

Cheryl J. Moses

 "Predictable Profits: 3 Simple High Ticket Launch Strategies You Need NOW"

Milana Leshinsky

"Scale with Groups: Best Practices for Designing, Filling, and Delivering Profitable Coaching Programs"

Keasha Lee

"How to Uncover Your IT Factor for a Magnetic Personal Brand"

Kristyn Caetano

"Organic Marketing Secrets to Get Clients Online FAST (without feeling exhausted and icky)"

Sigrid de Kaste

"Top 3 Reasons to Write a Book to get more Clients more easily, no matter what the Economy!"

Michelle Gomez

"Healing the Mother Wound for Abundance and Purpose"

Mary Ann Robbat

"How to Use Energetic Practices to Manifest the Clients You Desire & Deserve."

Anna Kowalska

"Activate Your Soul Purpose in Your Business"

Ruby McGuire

"Manifesting Magic in Your Business"

Kadidja Yansane

"How to Infuse Your Events with 'Party Energy' to Attract Your Ideal Clients"

 Yes!  Give me the Manifest Clients Now Training Series! 

Your Hostess

Kadidja Yansane is the Founder of BloomIntoYou.com & the Creator of The Client Creation Queen Program and The Business Queen Academy.

She has coached & consulted with dozens of Fortune 500 companies like Google, Visa, Charles Schwab, Clorox, & Robert Half & more.

Over the past decade she’s coached & trained hundreds of her clients do things like: Get their first $10K month, get their first & next paying clients, lead their first workshops, start and grow their own communities online & offline, charge more for their services, package their offerings for high profits, and position themselves as experts in their respective field.

Additionally, she has facilitated and led hundreds of Workshops, Events, Programs & Classes both Online & Offline in the Areas of Personal Growth & Business Development.

Kadidja was a Women’s Studies major at UC Berkeley and received her coaching certification at JFK. Her life and passion has been devoted to empowering women to own their value, charge what they’re worth and do what they love.

Last but certainly not least she is the proud Mamapreneur of two {Naima-8 and Khalil 6) with her husband Mike. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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